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Jamie Harper

Health & Safety

An experienced Senior Recruitment Consultant at Vickerstock Construction and Engineering Recruitment, specialising in Health, Safety & Environmental roles across Ireland.

I am responsible for ensuring the continued success of the Vickerstock Specialist Engineering brand through the recruitment and talent sourcing of Health, Safety and Environmental professionals, from Graduate level to Senior Management across a range of business sectors including;

Manufacturing / Engineering
Medtech / Biotech
FMCG / Food
Warehousing / Logistics
Energy / Utilities
Environmental Engineering & Management

I develop strong relationships with all EHS candidates across Ireland, and am able to attract a range of candidates that don't usually respond to job adverts, Linkedin requests etc. who may be open to opportunities within the marketplace for the right role.

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If you wish to contact Jamie in absolute confidence regarding your career, job opportunities, salary information, or on any other matter, please call 028 9031 3720 or email jamie@vickerstock.ie

Get to know Jamie

Why did you decide to become a Recruitment Consultant?

I decided to get into recruitment in 2017, shortly after returning to Northern Ireland from working in London for 4 years. I had around 7 years of Business Development experience behind me, and a number of friends at the time had just transitioned from BD into recruitment and were doing very well at it, and they did push me to go for it.

Did you specialise in a particular area? What were your motivations to choose ?? as your sector?

When I started in recruitment, I was an Engineering Specialist covering a very broad range of roles within various sectors, and decided after a while that I really wanted to focus on a smaller number of specialist roles / areas, and be at the centre of it – really truly then being able to offer knowledgeable advice and guidance, to both clients and candidates.

When I moved to Vickerstock in 2019, they gave me a fantastic opportunity to get to know and recruit within the Irish Environmental, Health & Safety Sector, with no real insights to this I had to learn the ins & outs of this space quickly and still continue to learn.

I have really enjoyed getting to know many of the fantastic EHS people across Ireland working within a multitude of businesses from Manufacturing, Engineering & Pharmaceuticals to Transport/Logistics, Utilities & Food organisations.

And what sort of roles are in demand at the moment?

The EHS Sector in Ireland is as busy at it has been in my time, for a number of reasons. I have seen an increase in organisations putting an even higher emphasis on Compliance, Workplace Safety, and seeking out new ways to reduce their overall Environmental impacts – which is great all round.

How did Covid-19 impact your sector?

Covid-19 impacted my sector massively, a huge amount of responsibility was added to the workload of EHS Teams, firstly keeping on top of government guidelines / restrictions for their organisations, along with Covid Management and additional training courses all added to EHS Teams duties right across the country.

New processes had to be developed and in a critical time period, so this was another element for EHS Teams in all sectors to think about and deal with, and from my regular conversations I can only applaud everyone’s efforts!

What do you see upcoming within your sector?

I see growth, more opportunity and a real buzz within the sector across the country.

As we know the Safety of employees in any business is always the number one priority and that will always be the case, then with the governments approved climate bill by cutting Irelands emissions by 51% between 2018 and 2030 and to net zero no later than 2050 – I can only see the importance & number of skilled people working within the EHS sector being paramount moving forward!

How have you found your experience working with Vickerstock?

Working at Vickerstock has been great from day one. The whole team have been supportive from management down, and I have learnt so much so far here.

The idea that your bosses and team are 100% behind everything you do is amazing and I look forward to what the future holds as we continue to grow our team. I would certainly say there is no better time to be part of the Vickerstock Team!

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