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09.05.14 · Industry News

Vickerstock Tips

Effective CVs - While an effective CV won’t guarantee success, a poor one can seriously diminish your chances of being offered an interview or job.

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09.05.14 · Industry News

Senior Engineers call for a focus on skills

A large group of engineers in the UK nearing retirement age could constrain growth in the sector, according to a report. The problem is exacerbated by a perception among young people that manufacturing is an unsecure, badly-paid career choice, according to the Engineering the Future group.

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02.05.14 · Industry News

Constructing a future for NI workers

Due to the rapid growth in the construction sector in London and South East England, construction candidates are tapping into the opportunities presented by NI firms within the region, however there isn’t the necessary focus on increasing the key skills that the market truly needs. That’s the warning from Michael Donaghy, Construction & Infrastructure Recruitment Consultant at Vickerstock Engineering Recruitment, who is calling for a prioritisation of key skills to address the gaps left within the sector following the downturn in 2008.

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03.03.14 · Industry News

Vickerstock Highlights the Importance of Health & Safety in the Workplace

VickerStock, Northern Ireland’s specialist technical engineering recruitment agency, in partnership with Heartsine Technologies, a leading manufacturer of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) based in Belfast, today donated an AED to Mossley Primary School with one key message: ‘Empowering Workplaces to Save Lives.’

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27.01.14 · Industry News

Bombardier Aerospace confirmed that the CSeries aircraft program is making solid progress

Bombardier Aerospace confirmed that the CSeries aircraft program is making solid progress and initial performance results are in line with the company’s expectations.

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18.12.13 · Industry News

Back to the Future with QUB!

The QUB Electric DeLorean Project is run by the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen's University Belfast.

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